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Friday, January 7, 2011

Valentines 2010

I was going through all the pictures on my hard drive and came across some projects I did for Valentines Day last year. Why not put 'em up on the ol' blog? I apologize for the picture quality, but they were taken before I got my new camera and light box.

First up is a fun project I modified from this blog post at Andrea Walford's amazing blog. She has a great video tutorial that shows you how to do the project step-by-step. I used Starbucks Frappuccino bottles rather than the plastic ones she purchased, so my measurements are completely different from hers. I don't have the measurements handy to post here, but if anyone is interested in them, let me know!

Open up the little tote for a yummy surprise!

This was a really fun project that I will probably repeat this year.

Next up is a banner that I made for my parents and in-laws.

I hand cut the letters because I don't have large letter dies. It was a labor of love. And, I do love my parents and in-laws.

To make the banner versatile, I decorated the other side in colors that are appropriate all year round.

Finally, a couple of cards that I made last year.

I made this for my friends who babysat my boys for me. I think it'd be cute for a teacher Valentine, too.

And, since I live in Wisconsin where there is still lots of snow on Valentines Day, I made this really cute snowman Valentine for my beloved husband. I got the idea, again, from Andrea Walford's blog. This snowman card is amazing! It also has a video tutorial.

I hope to have some 2011 Valentine projects to post soon.

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