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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Treats...and I Hate My Camera

So like any crafty mom, I love making little holiday treats for my son's preschool class.  Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday.  Not because I am macabre.  I don't even watch scary movies. 

Halloween is my favorite because I love getting my kids their costumes.  I love going to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins.  I love going trick-or-treating with the kiddos.  I love the decorations (not the real scary ones, the cute scary ones).  I love that there is limited stress.  It is just a fun holiday.

So, I made some really cute little candy bags for my sons class.  I got out my relic of a camera and took some pictures.  Well, I went to upload my pictures of said project, and all I got was an error saying "Corrupted Files."  What?!?  They were there yesterday!  I know because I always make sure that they are somewhat in focus before I put away my extra light, white card stock, and old camera.  Well, it must be the Halloween boogie man who came and corrupted my files.  Darn it!  I hate Halloween! 

As luck would have it, I also made some treats for my co-workers.  They aren't nearly as cute as the ones I made for my son's class, but I will still share them.  The Halloween boogie man also left the picture of the teacher's gift. 

Well, the boogie man didn't corrupt the file for this picture, but he also didn't fix the shadows.  He did corrupt the file for the close up of the tag, however.  By the way, I didn't even know that you could get corrupted files on your camera.  What does that even mean?

This is what was inside the haunted house box.  The fun template for the house is available here, at Papertrey Ink, by the way.  I used the Home Made stamp set and put cracks in the window and put the door off center. 

For the mummy pencil holder, I just wrapped a used fruit can (put through the dishwasher, of course) with some white grosgrain ribbon.  I distressed the ribbon by sponging some Creamy Caramel ink (retired) from Stampin' Up.  Its too late now, but I wish I would have stuck a little bow on it to make it a girl mummy.

These are the treats I gave to my coworkers.  I kept it simple, but they still turned out cute.  I used Tiny Treats: Halloween from Papertrey, of course. 

I am super disappointed that my pictures didn't turn out.  Hopefully the picture-corrupting boogey man will be gone after Halloween.  Better yet, hopefully Santa Clause will bring me a new camera! 

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Papertrey Ink October Blog Hop

The 25th means that its PTI Blog Hop time again.

This months challenge is to create a card or project celebrating a winter holiday other than Christmas.

"There is always a lot of focus on Christmas in our industry this time of year, as that is what the majority
of the population celebrates.  However, this month's blog hop is dedicated to those that celebrate winter
holidays other than Christmas.  Create a project that celebrates Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or some other
winter holiday as we embrace everyone's beliefs in a celebration of diversity through paper crafting."

How great is that?  Love that concept!  But, it was challenging for me because I don't have any stamps or accessories for other winter holidays outside of Christmas.  

So, I kept it super simple and used what I had on hand. 

I created a simple Star of David with Scor Tape and glitter. 

I printed out "Shalom" from my printer.  I also noticed that the little extra piece from the center of one of my "Create a Flake 1" die made a tiny little Star of David.  What a fun surprise!  I had to add them to either side of my little label.  

I am really proud of the fact that I completed this challenge without buying anything new.  

Thanks, Nicole, for this challenge.  I have really enjoyed learning about holidays that I had no idea existed until hopping along to other people's blogs.  It was challenging, but fun to participate!